The first part seems to be alright, but it's the next part that could rattle some cages. 

I saw this at the Lunch Loop Trails after my run on a few days ago.

Honestly, I laughed out loud when I read it. It's prideful. Most of all, it's honest.

Kids are kids. They are not always going to be angels. There will be those moments. More than likely you are probably thinking about one of those moments, right now. Whether it was one that involved your own kids or maybe one that you did when you were younger.

Here is the full sign. Well, not completely full because I had to black out two particular letters.


There probably will be two different trains of thought on this. One is that this is "vulgar and disrespectful." The other being "yup, that clocks it pretty well."

The difference being if you are a parent or not.

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