Zumper.com has crunched the numbers. They list Grand Junction as one of the BEST places in the U.S. to retire. 

Just for the weather alone, this place should be considered one of the best. Where we average 300 days of sunshine, but it's NOT a desert. We still have seasons and even see a little snow in the winter. The people at the website Zumper.com did include weather as one of the factors in coming up with this list.

They used other information and statistics from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association), the FBI Crime Report, U.S. Census Bureau and others to help with their study.

Grand Junction comes in at number 13 with a grade of A-.

Here are some of the factors involved in Zumper's formula:

  • weather
  • crime & safety
  • housing costs
  • medical facilities
  • median income
  • taxes

So, how do our numbers look? Here is the breakdown of Grand Junction's results.

  • Population (65+) - 87.9
  • Rent - 40.5
  • Income - 33.6
  • Housing - 31.85
  • Safety - 46
  • Healthcare - 56
  • Weather - 54.7

All those numbers and formulas might not make any sense to me, but I do agree that this area is pretty sweet. To grow up in or to retire in.

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