Look at this unholy nightmare. Sadly, that's the main bathroom in my house, or least what's left of it. Would you happen to know a good tile installer in Grand Junction?

This began as a quaint little weekend remodel project. Like everything else I do, it quickly morphed into an unsalvageable mess. Can you bail me out?

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The Room of Doom

This used to be a fairly decent bathroom. Dated and coated in a thick layer of cigarette smoke, but nice. Originally, it contained an old fashioned clawfooted cast iron bathtub coming off that angled wall.

Here's what the room looked like before getting underway with the project.

Waylon Bathroom Wallpaper
Waylon Jordan

 Was This Room Haunted?

Good question. Given its appearance, you would think so. I'm here to report that since the house was built in 1983, no paranormal occurrences have been reported.

Moving Forward

Since it is the year 2021, I thought it best to remove the tub and utilize the space for a shower in the far left corner and a more modern bathtub on the wall at right. Ultimately, due to a friend's advice and a lack of money, I jettisoned the new bathtub idea.

Then the idea popped into my head to remove the angled wall and add a quarter-round shower. The space by the window could be left alone.

One thing has remained constant - no more linoleum. I want to go with tile.

Progress Report

I have since removed the three 2X4s creating the angled wall at left. On that note: FOR SALE - three  used 2X4s. Asking price = $600. Given the price of lumber lately, these 40-plus-year-old 2X4's should be worth a fortune.

The Now Defunct "Original" Plan

The original plan was for me to reroute the plumbing myself. That was followed by the misguided belief I would tile the bathroom myself, too. I'm looking at some of the new "woodgrained" ceramic tiles for the floor and "stone" tile for the walls.

The New Plan

Rather than messing around with a shower insert including the tray, the surround, and a quarter-round sliding door, how about a walk-in shower? The bathroom, roughly 12' X 8' has plenty of space. Why not?

Problem With the New Plan

Tiling a floor is one thing - building a leak-proof walk-in shower is another. There are several steps you must take to insure it doesn't leak and create a mold problem. Unfortunately, I have little experience in this area.

The Solution to the Problem

The solution is - hire someone who knows how to build a walk-in shower. I see several tile contractors in town who've posted pictures on their webpages. I'm in my 50s, and this remodel represents the last one I plan to do in this life. I want it done, done right, and finished once and for all.

Can you point me in the right direction? I need the best tile installer in town. I've talked to several, and have a good idea who I'm going to hire. Let's make sure I haven't missed anyone. Cast your vote. If I missed anyone, please enter their name in the poll, and I'll officially add them to the list.

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