I was JUST threatened by someone claiming to be with the IRS. Moments ago a call came in on the request line informing me I'm being sued by the Internal Revenue Service. Really? While we're at it, what song would you like to hear?

This was the lamest thing in human history. Be on the lookout for a call featuring a recorded male voice. This sorry excuse for a scam claims you are the target of a lawsuit by the Internal Revenue Service. If you or your attorney (ohh, look out) don't call back right away, you'll force them to take action. What action do they plan to take by calling me in the studio? Perhaps they want to win the free pizza.

Here are the details left behind by the jolly person on the other end of the phone:

  • My case number is IR7416
  • Call them back at 616-378-6898

I'm second guessing myself by posting that phone number. For the most part, I'm putting it here so as to alert authorities and put it on record. Whatever you do.... DON'T CALL IT! Not that you would do that, but I thought it best to say it.

The call concludes with a semi-threatening "goodbye," followed by some snotty sounding lady with an equally doom-filled "goodbye."

If I was called in the middle of the day on a radio station request line, you can bet your call is coming soon. This particular phone call does not interact with you. It asks you to call them back.

Be on the lookout. It's been almost and entire week since the Grand Valley's last phone scam. Good news is... this one really stinks.

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