You may not know Cassidy Veach personally, but it's quite possible you have seen her car around Grand Junction - it's hard to miss.

The Car With Over 1,000 Stickers

Cassidy's car features more than 1,000 stickers from all around the world, a collection she started in 2018, though she says that wasn't her intention. "I had no intention of covering my car with stickers," she told me."I had a couple here and there, but in 2018  I started to notice them and started taking pictures of my car. I have counted them and I do keep track and I have 1,038. I never thought I would break the four-digit mark, but here we are."

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In most cases, the stickers are very personal to Cassidy, relating to places she has gone as well as her personal interests like rugby and dogs. One of her favorites came from the men's rugby team in Alaska that says "The Earthquake Was a 7, But I'm a 10."

A lot of the stickers on Cassidy's car contain positive and encouraging  messages like "reduce, reuse, recycle, respect" and "honk for peace."

Picking A Favorite

When I asked her to pick her one favorite, Cassidy couldn't do it. "There's definitely some you like more than others, but they all have some purpose or sentimental value, so they all have their unique story and I can't pick a favorite."

When Does It End?

So, will the sticker collection ever come to an end/? Cassidy says she'll drive her car until it dies, but that moment could come sooner rather than later. "To be honest, I don't know. It makes me kind of sad." It sounds to me like the sticker collection with new adventures and messages when the time comes for a new vehicle.

In the meantime, be on the lookout in Grand Junction for the car Cassidy calls "Stickers". And just you know, she really digs it when she sees people trying to read the stickers when she's at a stoplight.

Meet Grand Junction's Cassidy Veach and Her Amazing 1,000+ Bumper Stickers

You might not know Cassidy Veach, but it's quite possible you have seen her car around Grand Junction. It's hard to miss. Cassidy's car is adorned with over 1,000 stickers she has collected over the past three years. The stickers are very personal to Cassidy. Many of the stickers contain messages of positivity, and many are connected to rugby, a sport near and dear to her heart. Some of the stickers come from faraway places she has visited, and some have been sent to her to add to the collection. Where the collection ends probably depends on how long her 2007 Chevy Equinox will last. If you have seen Cassidy's car on the streets of Grand Junction, you may not have been close enough to see what the stickers say, so I'm sharing this gallery to give you an idea of what Cassidy's amazing sticker collection is all about.

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