This week's spotlight is on Kairee the college student, hula hooper, and teeth cleaner. This is what Kairee is doing next and her best commencement speech.

Jim the Parrot Man had the spotlight and now it's Kairee's turn. Kairee is graduating this semester from Colorado Northwestern Community College in Rangely. She's the first person in her family to graduate. Kairee will soon have her degree in dental hygiene, which she's worked very hard for.

Kairee says she's a woman of "many hats." Hooping is Kairee's passion and teeth cleaning has also become a passion of hers. Being a dental hygienist is what's going to pay the bills so she can go and hoops and do shows and perform. The love for teeth came first, then the love for hooping. Kairee said she discovered hooping when she took off a few years from school.

One of Kairee's craziest outfits she's had to wear during a performance was pretty crazy. She rocked the crazy-scary clown look while she was at a Halloween-themed rave in Salt Lake City with her V-2 Performers. The show is called 'Get Freaky' and they definitely look freak,y to say the least. (Swipe Instagram post to see more pictures.)

I wanted to know if Kairee felt prepared for the next step after college. Kairee says that her college (Colorado Northwestern Community College) has a very professional setting. She feels prepared to be a dental hygienist because she already cleans teeth three times a week already.

Kairee is graduating May 5 and then her plan is to move to Denver. She said she's going to try out the big city and it should help her find a job. She wants to be there because they have a bigger scene for hooping in Denver.

I asked Kairee to give me her best graduation/commencement speech. She said if she had to give one she'd probably be sweating and shaking because she doesn't like public speaking. Here is Kairee's commencement speech:

I have to thank all of my friends who've been there. My friends are kind of my extended family. I see my family a lot but I see my friends more and I just really love and appreciate them. And my teachers, they've been awesome. It's been a really hard road these past three years trying to get through this but -- we did it!

*Cue applause and throwing graduating caps in the air.* Congratulations on graduating Kairee. I hope nothing but good things are waiting for you and your hoop in Denver.

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