If you've spent more than a day or two in Grand Junction lately, you've probably encountered some road construction. Sure, road construction is something you just have to deal with sometimes, no matter where you're at. If there are roads, they're going to need to be maintained.

However, Grand Junction residents have been dealing with road construction for what feels like an eternity, and are getting really sick of it. The projects are long, extreme, and annoying.

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Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking at what time were you the most annoyed with road construction in Grand Junction, and the vast majority of responses indicated that residents are more annoyed than ever right now, and are especially sick of the road work on one of the city's main drags, North Avenue.

Grand Junction Residents are Sick of the Road Work on North Avenue

After living in Grand Junction for the past three years and previously setting foot in 49 states and four of the world's countries, I've often found myself bewildered at the vast amount of road construction I've seen in the city and have wondered if anyone else felt the same way about it, or if it was just me.

Well, it turns out that I'm not alone as many Grand Junction residents are just as annoyed by the road construction as I am, particularly on North Avenue.

Keep scrolling to see what others say about the current state of North Avenue and take comfort in knowing that it's not just you that's annoyed by all of the constant road work, it's everyone:

Grand Junction is Really Sick of the Road Work on North Avenue

It comes as no surprise that Grand Junction residents are really sick of the road construction on North Avenue.

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