With schools closed and social distancing recommended, Grand Junction's School District 51 is considering a unique type of graduation; a drive-in ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies should be taking place right now, but because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, students have been forced to take classes online and schools have not allowed students or faculty to enter. This situation begs the question, how are these schools supposed to host a graduation ceremony for seniors while still staying safe and social distancing?

One idea that District 51 is tossing around is a drive-in ceremony; at which family and friends of graduating seniors would remain in their vehicles during the ceremony, while students would practice social distancing staying at least six feet away from each other and wearing masks.

District 51 is still planning on hosting a ceremony of some kind at Stocker Stadium in July, but have yet to decide what exactly the ceremony will look like. However, they do plan to come up with a solid plan by June 22nd.

I really feel bad for a lot of people during this tough time, and one group is certainly the graduating class of 2020. I'll admit, I was a bit of a rebel in high school but walking down the football field at Eagle Valley High School in my cap and gown, with family and friends in attendance was a really special thing for me.

I also attended graduation ceremonies when I got my Associate's Degree as well as my Bachelor's Degree, and couldn't understand why some of my friends opted not to attend. Hopefully, whatever the graduation ceremony for District 51 ends up looking like, it will be special for the students and all those in attendance.


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