A popular Grand Junction music store is about to make the move... again. Check out their new location.

Not long ago, Roper Music moved from their old location on 5th Street to a new shop on North Avenue. Now, a handful of years later, they're about to move to another spot.

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Do you remember back in 2017 when Roper Music relocated to 912 North Avenue? Yep, hard to believe, but that was almost four years ago. If someone had told me it was two years ago I would have believed it.

Waylon Jordan
Waylon Jordan

Well, fast forward to 2021, and their is a sign in the window at Roper Music indicating they'll soon be moving on down the road.

Where are they going?

According to the sign, they will reopen soon at 1224 N. 25th in Grand Junction. Does that address sound familiar? It should. Chances are you've probably visited that location many times over the years.

This is no April Fools joke.

The sign says the store will reopen April 1 at the new location. When I stopped by their current location on the 900 block of North Avenue, they were busy loading the stores inventory into moving trucks. With that in mind, I'm confident this is no joke. They are, in fact, on the move.

What did 1224 N. 25th used to be?

Looking back over the last 50 years, this address has been everything from a restaurant to a dinner theater. When I was growing up back in the 1970s, it was a movie theater.

Roper Music New Location Grand Junction
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A quick rundown of movies I watched at the old Cinema 25.

Looking back, I can remember watching a number of great movies at this theater. My parents used to take me there back in the late 70s and early 80s. To name just a few:

That was then, this is now.

Well, that was yesterday. Today, this spot is on its way to being a way-cool music store. Over the years I've purchased many an instrument from Roper Music. They've provided band and orchestra equipment, along with guitars, basses, and drums, to aspiring musicians for decades.

Be ready to shop starting April 1, 2021. The new location looks to be very convenient. The parking is excellent, too. Congrats to Roper Music on their new store.

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