After 65 years of business, this Grand Junction store just opened at a new location, and it's awesome.

Not long ago, Roper Music moved from their old location on 5th Street to a new shop on North Avenue. Now, a handful of years later, they've relocated at a new location a few blocks east on North Avenue. This is just a matter of opinion, but this may be the best spot this business has ever occupied.

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Roper Music, a store specializing in band and orchestra equipment, has served this valley for over 65 years. Among their specialties would be equipment suited for music students.

My first instrument came from Roper's.

Back around 1979 or so, my parents bought my student model violin at Roper Music. I still have it to this day. As I recall is cost around $300 or so. We paid in monthly installments of $15. My first choice was to play the viola, but Roper Music didn't have any in stock, so we picked up a violin.

Roper Music
Waylon Jordan

Since then I've purchased a handful of guitars, amps, and even a flute from Roper Music. In addition to instruments, they sell tons of accessories, sheet music, and have a top-notch repair staff.

Where are they now?

Their new address is 1224 N. 25th in Grand Junction. Does that address sound familiar? In other words, head down North Avenue and turn north when you reach Randy's Southside Diner. As posted earlier, this location used to be a popular hangout back in the 70s and 80s.

What did 1224 N. 25th used to be?

Looking back over the last 50 years, this address has been everything from a restaurant to a dinner theater. When I was growing up back in the 1970s, it was a movie theater.

Roper Music New Location Grand Junction
Google Maps

ENCORE: A quick rewind of movies I watched at the old Cinema 25.

Looking back, I can remember watching a number of great movies at this theater. My parents used to take me there back in the late 70s and early 80s. Some of the movies we watched at the old Jerry Lewis Cinema include:

Check out the new location.

I stopped by the new store today to give it a look. The showroom is amazing with plenty of display space. In addition, the store makes perfect use of the old theater sign. Whoever came up with that gets an "atta-boy."

Roper Music sign
Waylon Jordan

If you're looking for an instrument, or if the kids are planning to enroll in their school's music program, stop by Roper Music first. The selection is awesome, and the staff all possess strong backgrounds in music.

Congratulations on the new digs, Roper Music. I love the new store. Here's to another 65 years.

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