Have you driven Grand Junction, Colorado's awesome Riverside Parkway? While a valuable resource for motorists in the valley, it seems as though the speed limit is a matter of opinion.

For the bulk of the Riverside Parkway, the posted speed limit is 40 MPH. I typically find myself doing 45, but still getting passed as though I were standing still. I asked on Facebook, "What would be the perfect speed limit for Grand Junction's Riverside Parkway?" Here's what you had to say.

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Driving The Riverside Parkway In Grand Junction, Colorado

The Riverside Parkway is incredible. If you're like me, you use it all the time. Not to brag, but on one occasion, I drove the Riverside Parkway from just east of Fruita all the way to the 5th Street Bridge exit in Grand Junction without having to come to a stop. Okay, it was two o'clock in the morning, but that doesn't matter. The Riverside Parkway is efficient, convenient, and just plain fun.

The Matter of the Speed Limit

If you drive the Riverside Parkway at the posted speed limit of 40 MPH, you'll soon get the impression you're part of an exclusive club. In my experience, the majority of traffic on the Riverside Parkway is averaging between 50 and 55 MPH. Little kids on bikes are going faster than the posted 40 MPH. Even they will give you dirty looks as they zip past you.

What If Your Car Doesn't Like 40 MPH?

Let's face it, 40 MPH is a bit awkward. My car likes 45 MPH. It also likes 35 MPH. It hates doing 40 MPH. There's something about 40 miles per hour that results in some weird "vibe" with the average automobile.

Interesting Piece of Trivia

According to Wikipedia, billboards are not allowed within 300 feet of the Riverside Parkway.

Grand Junction Wants This Speed Limit For the Riverside Parkway

Have you driven the Riverside Parkway in Grand Junction, Colorado lately? It can be fun. The car next to you can be doing 30 MPH, then again, it might be doing 85 MPH. I asked on Facebook, "What would be the perfect speed limit for Grand Junction's Riverside Parkway." Here's what you had to say:

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