There are so many cool accents and the Grand Valley sure have our favorites.

My favorite accent is Scottish well, because, Braveheart.

Once I heard that accent I had to learn how to do it (badly) and that's how it became my favorite. But what about you? Well, you sure do have some excellent favorites of your own!

Southern accents received their fair share of comments as did Texas accents (isn't Texas south?)

British and Irish accents also did quite well. Something about those European accents, right? Scottish accents also seem to be quite popular with people other than myself but overall there was one accent that seems to catch the ear of many of us and that accent is:

Summed up quite well from one of our fans:

My favorite comment, however, came from clear out of the blue.

With Australian, British, French, Italian and many others this comment was unique among them all.

Nothing like a throw pillow for accent.

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