Welcome to 2022, the year of the $15 hamburger. Have you taken a good look at your Grand Junction, Colorado restaurant receipt lately?

Any ideas where this charge came from? With the exception of Las Vegas, I don't believe I've seen this before.

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Read the Print on Your Grand Junction Colorado Restaurant Bill

This is my receipt from dinner last night at a popular Grand Junction restaurant. I ordered a hamburger and fries and water.

Let me say in advance this is not a complaint. While I'm not crazy about paying $15 for a hamburger and fries, I knew in advance this place was a bit pricey. The bill's total is not an issue. Also, not an issue would be the print below the total. It reads:

A 3% kitchen Surcharge is added to every check to help increase the wages of our non-tipped kitchen staff who work tirelessly to make our dining experiences possible.


Have You Seen This Before?

No one at my table had seen this before, at least not in Grand Junction. In this case, the surcharge came to a whopping 42 cents. Can you think of another area restaurant which does this?

According to businessinsider.com, "The skyrocketing cost of food due to supply chain bottlenecks has caused some restaurants across the US to implement fees and surcharges or completely remove menu items that are too expensive to prepare." They add, "The general consensus amongst experts is that for these pandemic-era charges and fees to succeed, restaurants need to be transparent and communicate additional costs with their customers."

Will This Keep You Away From Local Restaurants?

I'm curious if people would be hesitant to visit Grand Junction area restaurants because of increasing prices and surcharges such as this. I don't really have a dog in the fight since I rarely go to restaurants. If and when I do, it is unlikely a surcharge, one that many restaurants insist is only temporary, will deter me from supporting a local business.

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