It's been another rough year for those in the food service industry. One Grand Junction, Colorado business is about to award a colossal tip to a server at a GJ restaurant. They're asking for your help to determine the recipient.

A locally owned and operated downtown Grand Junction business has made a tradition of awarding a huge gratuity to a server at a local restaurant. Once again, it's up to you to decide which restaurant they will visit.

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A Huge Cash Award For a Grand Junction, Colorado Server

The owners, management, and staff at Board Fox Games at 623 Main Street in Grand Junction want to "brighten one server's day this Holiday Season." One of the crew at Board Fox Games previously worked as a waitress and knows all too well the challenges associated with the job.

Via Facebook, the staff at Board Fox Games said:

As many of you know I (Trudi) was a waitress many moons ago. My heart goes out to all the servers this year, it's been a tough couple of years. Board Fox Games wants to brighten one server's day this Holiday Season.

According to their Facebook post, Board Fox Games is collecting tips in the store. The store will then match those tip contributions up to $500.

The Plot Thickens...

Next, the store is asking you to vote for a Downtown Grand Junction restaurant. During the week of December 6, 2022, Trudi will take her three boys out to dinner at the restaurant receiving the most votes. Trudi will be paying for her family's meals out of her own pocket. Then... she will donate 100% of the tips collected plus the match as a gratuity for the server.

This Could Equal Some Big Bucks For a Grand Junction Server

Think about that for a minute. A server at a Downtown Grand Junction restaurant will soon be receiving a generous tip. Who will it be? That's entirely up to you. It's going to be a server working at the restaurant of your choosing. In other words, vote now! Some of the Grand Junction area restaurants already nominated include:

  • Pufferbelly
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Fidel's Cocina and Bar
  • Feisty Pint
  • Las Maria's

Those are places already nominated. You can keep nominating, or vote for a restaurant already nominated.

How To Vote/Nominate

To vote, simply comment on the Board Fox Games Facebook post (see below). For that matter, please help and get the word out by "Liking" and "Sharing" their post.

Here's a chance to really brighten someone's holidays. After a long struggle in 2020, this would be the perfect way to support your local restaurant industry employees. Please vote.

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