Close to a reported 140 or so vehicles cruised North Avenue in Grand Junction last night in order to raise more awareness in keeping North Avenue, well just that - North Avenue.

The issue of the proposed North Avenue name change continues to be a hot button topic for many Grand Junction residents. By the looks of last night, no one is ready to give up without a fight.

KREX has some video from the event.

There was a vast array of vehicles (and even a horse!) spotted last night as Grand Junction residents did what they have done since they were teenagers - cruised North. Almost a rite of passage when you turned 16 and got your drivers license.

Check out the Facebook page at KeepNorth4Ever to see some of the pictures and video from the cruise.

Legal petitions were out as well. The goal is to get 10,000 signatures.

BONUS VIDEO: Grand Junction Ghost Video

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