There are red flags, and then there are behaviors in a relationship we simply won't put up with. People in Grand Junction, Colorado consider these to be their #1 relationship deal breakers.

I asked on Facebook, "What's a relationship deal breaker for you?" Here's what you had to say.

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Cheating Is a Major No-No For Grand Junction, Colorado

This is a given. As a matter of fact, "cheating" came up as the top response in 38.4 percent of the responses. For the record, I whipped out some wicked junior high math skills to come up with that figure (without using a calculator).

The website mbgrelationships offers five common reasons relationships can't withstand infidelity:

  • You saw or heard things you can't unsee or un-hear
  • You find your trust has been irreparably damaged
  • You are unable to rebuild your confidence in the relationship
  • It's happened before
  • You struggle to open yourself up sexually after having been betrayed

They Don't Like Your Kids / Animals

This is dangerous ground. I've witnessed this one with my own eyes. A friend married a woman, and within days of the wedding, she decided she didn't like his kid. That marriage lasted three months.

I dated a woman once who didn't like my dog. Adios, cupcake. My dog was here first. What does one do in this situation?

The website Ask April, a website that undoubtedly publishes only top-level research gathered using only the most empirical data, offers the article "My Boyfriend Hates My Kids - 11 Ways to Deal With The Situation." The article suggests:

  • Consider your boyfriend's history with kids
  • Figure out the actual issue
  • Talk to him
  • Talk to someone he respects
  • Arrange for them to spend time together
  • Never let him assume disciplinarian role
  • Try family counseling
  • Seek spiritual intervention
  • Set boundaries
  • Keep both relationships separated
  • Make a decision

Other Deal Breakers Out of Grand Junction

Various other roadblocks you mentioned include the harvesting of bodily organs and the use of firearms.

Check out the gallery below, and you'll probably spot a few familiar themes.

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