Grand Junction voters rejected a bill to build an event center downtown, with a majority wanting a recreational center. It seems like the recreation center could possibly get a shot.

The residents who are standing behind this building will not accept defeat. They even had a plan "B" in place before the issue was even up on the ballot. An article in the Daily Sentinel explains that the organization called PLACE (People for Local and Community Enrichment) met with Grand Junction City Council more than a year ago, about possibly building the rec center. PLACE was told to come back when they could show support and some sort of plan and a proposal.

Well, they did.

This week they approached the city again. With $25,000 committed money and around 100 supporters, they presented the results of a recent survey, a Facebook page with 1,000 likes and over 2,000 signatures supporting the center.

This is nowhere near the finish line, but it is a great example of persistence. Of course, not everyone is going to agree with this, but maybe after conducting this feasibility study, there can be a plan created that would satisfy most Grand Junction residents.

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