Here's what our Grand Junction Police Department has had to deal with on a daily basis, so far, in March 2016.

I'm sure we all think our lives are crazy, busy and at work we deal with annoying people on a daily basis. But, after reading some of these Grand Junction Police blotters, I'm not complaining anymore. If the toughest thing I deal with, throughout my day, is that I have to endure another mind-numbing meeting, it's not so bad. Consider what some others have to deal with.

Part of me is glad I'm not listed in any of these incidents. But, I will admit to sneaking a peek to see if I recognize any of the names.

These are daily accounts of what our Grand Junction Police Department has to deal with every day and every night. It never stops. From Theft, Warrant, Arrest, DUI, Assault, etc. Not too many positive words on these sheets.

So, let's not forget what these brave men and women do for us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thank you to all who Serve and Protect.

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