Do you like the idea of picking up a pizza without having to make contact with another human being? With this Grand Junction pizza joint, you can order via an app, and then pick up from a magical "portal."

This is just like those instantaneous food replicators you see build into the walls on Star Trek. The Pizza Portal can be found at Little Caesars Pizza at 12th and Orchard in Grand Junction. How does it work? Are there little food conveyors located on the walls?

This is an introvert's dream. You order your pizza via the way cool app. A few minutes go by, and then you show up at Little Caesars. The app will provide you with a super-secret code. When you arrive at the store, you enter or scan the code to open a self-service hot box.

It's cool. It's all about convenience. In and out in seconds. No line. No wait. - David Scrivano CEO of Little Caesars via USA Today

Personally, I think this is brilliant. Ordering pizza is typically a last minute kind of thing for me. I'll be somewhere late on a Friday or Saturday night, and all of a sudden the urge hits. I swing by Little Caesars, only to find they don't have any deep dish pepperoni ready to go.

They tend to get hit hard on deep dish pizzas on busy nights. Now, thanks to the portal, I can use the app, and with any luck, by the time I get to the store, the pizza will be in the portal, ready to go.

One might say this is not unlike self-checkout lanes at the supermarket, or using your credit card at the gas pump; one more step away from human interaction. Then again, ordering a pizza doesn't necessarily have to be a social event.

Considering the fact my phone is a whopping piece of crap, it's unlikely enough memory remains to allow for the download of the app. In other words, I haven't tested this app myself.

Ordering a pizza in Grand Junction, already a fairly easy thing to do, just became easier. This concept really is cool. No more settling for whatever pre-made pizzas happen to be available. Click your desired pizza into the app, and by the time you reach the store, it's hot and ready.

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