All of us who are animal lovers are always anxious to share a photo of the pets near and dear to our hearts.

Sharing the Love On Love Your Pet Day

Tuesday was Love Your Pet Day and we asked our listeners to show their love by sharing a photo of their pet with us. Their adorable photos are in the gallery below.

I think that pets are one of God's greatest gifts to us. Our pets bring so much joy and happiness to our lives on a daily basis. They are part of our daily routine, and, I think for most pet owners, these animals are truly part of the family. They feel like family.

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Joy Comes From Giving, Loving, and Caring

Sometimes we feel loved, adored, and needed by our pets and that makes us feel good. We love the excitement they have when we come home. But, part of the joy of pet ownership comes from the love we give them. We express that love by making sure they always have food and water, by keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and by spending time with them.

Wonderful Pet Memories Last A Lifetime

The downside of owning a pet is that nothing last forever. All good things must end. Anybody who has ever owned a pet knows the pain and hurt of losing a precious pet - through sickness, tragedy, or old age. It's never easy. But, it's been my experience that the joy a pet gives far outweighs the heavy grief we feel at the end. The memories are precious and long-lasting.

Grand Junction Shares Photos of the Adorable Pets They Love

In celebration of Love Your Pet Day, we asked our listeners to share a photo of their pet with us that we could put in a gallery. Scroll through the adorable photos below and enjoy looking at the dogs and cats we love to love.

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