It would seem when it comes to the economy, Grand Junction is moving at a snail's pace. So, when you consider the city is one of the Colorado cities least affected by inflation is that a good or bad thing?

The answer to that depends on whether you are an optimist or pessimistic. On one hand, buying power hasn't seen a negative impact. On the other hand, it may be an indicator of slow economic growth.

A SmartAsset study found Grand Junction second to Pueblo when it came to Colorado cities least affected by inflation. The study also found the two were the only cities that actually showed an increase in purchasing power.

The study scored purchasing power, the average change in the cost of living, and the average change in personal income in four Colorado metropolitan to create an inflation index.

The higher the index score, the less a city has been affected by inflation. The inflation index scores for Colorado are as follows;

  1. Pueblo  51.30 (Ranked 100 Nationally)
  2. Grand Junction  37.52 (Ranked 102 Nationally)
  3. Colorado Springs  30.46
  4. Denver-Aurora  18.74

On average, Colorado saw a 0.52% change in purchasing power, a 2.20% change in the cost of living and a 2.22% change in income.

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