Stereotypes are just a part of life. No matter what, we'll always hear them about certain things, and have to discern them from reality and ultimately form our own opinion based on personal experiences.

And, like everything else, we'll always hear stereotypes about the places we live. Sure, negative stereotypes will always exist, but as will positive stereotypes, and the actual truth is typically some combination of the two.

So, what do stereotypes say about you and the place you live? Let's take a look at some overly generalized, stereotypical opinions based on Grand Junction, Colorado area neighborhoods.

What Are the Neighborhoods in the Grand Junction Area?

For the purposes of this article, we're going to look at the main neighborhoods in the city of Grand Junction, which include the Redlands, Fruitvale, Appleton, and Orchard Mesa.

We'll also include what many refer to as the downtown area of Grand Junction, which includes Main Street, the Historic District, and surrounding areas.

In addition, we're going to include the main, small neighboring towns of Palisade, Fruita, and Clifton.

What Does it Say About You to Live in a Grand Junction Neighborhood?

Of course, living in a particular neighborhood in the Grand Junction area doesn't necessarily mean you fit the stereotype of the area. For example, the downtown area of Grand Junction has a reputation for being artsy, but just because you live there, doesn't mean you are too.

In addition, Clifton has a reputation for having more crime than other parts of the city, but there are nice homes there as well, and improvements are being made to the town constantly.

Take a look at what, according to stereotypes, your Grand Junction-area neighborhood says about you:

What Your Grand Junction Area Neighborhood Says About You

There is quite a variety of types of neighborhoods in the Grand Junction area and with them, naturally, come stereotypes.

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