If Grand Junction were to have a 'mascot', what should it be? Cripple Creek has one, or should I say, five of them.

If you're new to Cripple Creek, don't worry, you are not seeing things. Those are actual donkeys. And yes, they can go wherever they want.

The herd of Equus africanus asinus have become unofficial 'mascots' of this Teller county and former gold mining camp town. The city takes care of the animals and although residents have to be careful what they put outside their homes, most everyone has come to embrace their four legged neighbors.

Now, I am not sure if I would want a DONKEY as a town mascot, but if Grand Junction were to adopt some sort of unofficial mascot, what would be your vote? If we were to use the same criteria as Cripple Creek, one very solid possibility could be the pigeon. These things are all over my neighborhood.

So what other options do we have? What would make the best 'mascot' for the city of Grand Junction?


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