A well-known Grand Junction musician is recovering following an unfortunate "run in" with a vehicle.

Huey Plumleigh, the keyboardist and vocalist for bands such as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, was struck by a vehicle on December 21 as he walked through the downtown area. Plumleigh, a life-long resident of the valley, had just left Hart Music at 4th and Main in Grand Junction.

Huey suffered several broken ribs and a broken clavicle. Fortunately, he's a trooper, and is recovering nicely. As he says in his Facebook profile, "I am a nice guy and very strong."

You've probably heard him perform at one of many local venues. Sometimes he's with a band, other times he does a single. Residents at various assisted living facilities in the valley are periodically treated to performances from Huey.

In addition to being a music aficionado, Huey fancies daily visits to local coffee shops.

huey coffee
Waylon Jordan

I took that photo a few years ago at Hugh's old stomping grounds, the Trailhead Coffee Bar on Monument Road. If you know Huey, you know he is a funny guy. He loves to joke around. It took about four or five years, but I eventually caught on to his sense of humor.

The last time we spoke, he mentioned he was 75 years old. While not a youngster, he is young at heart, and still loves to tickle the ivories. As you can imagine, he has a strong fan base in the valley, and a large number of friends. Many of those friends have stepped up to assist with medical expenses.

A fundraising page has been established in Huey's honor. The page states:

Healing is hard work, and it will be a little while until Huey is mended. This fund is to help him and Rhealene until he is back on his feet. Please would you consider donating? Thank you!

It's imperative we get Huey back on his feet. Grand Junction needs the pianoman back in action. Check out the love via social media:

My husband and I have enjoyed your music for many years. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. - Carol Miles


This guy played White Wedding for like an hour waiting for us to walk down the aisle. - Michelle Foote Widegren


Huey is the next best thing to John Paul Jones - NOT LED ZEPPELIN BONHAM


Huey, is one of the best keyboard men I've ever worked with...and a darn good guy. Get well soon, Pianoman! much love! - John Anglim

Get well soon, Huey. I know that's easy to say when you're the person that WASN'T run over by a car. We need you back on your feet so you can crank out a few Elvis tunes or perhaps a Jerry Lee Lewis song or two.

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