After seeing an interesting post in a group on Facebook, I reached out to this Grand Junction mom to see if she could come in and talk more about it.

Ashton and her daughter Ariana recently went out on a walk in Grand Junction. They spotted these two plastic tubs and were shocked to see what was inside.

Ashton and Ariana found hamsters locked inside the tubs. The hamsters were both in separate containers and were locked inside with no holes to breathe or anything.

I asked Ariana why she thought someone locked these hamsters in these tubs and she had a very optimistic response:

I don't know, maybe they thought they were dead.

After they found the hamsters, they brought them home to take care of them. They gave away one hamster to a lady whose hamster recently passed away and had a lot of fun toys for it to play with.

Ariana decided to name her hamster Niblet Night because he's nocturnal and loves to nibble. It's hard to understand why people are so cruel, especially to animals. It's a good thing they found these hamsters because Ashton and Ariana saved their lives.

Ashton and Ariana have improved their own lives with a new furry friend and the life of the lady who took in the other hamster too.

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