A national chain restaurant with a location in Grand Junction has a drink special you might enjoy. Throughout the month of March 2019, take a trip over the rainbow with this $2 adult beverage.

Each month Applebee's locations around the country offer what they call the #NeighborhoodDrink. It's typically very inexpensive, usually one or two dollars. It can be anything from a beer to a fruity mixed drink. Each month it's something different.

I have to admit, to date, I've never tried one. I've been posting about them for about a year now, but have never gotten around to trying one. Well, here it is a new month, and they have a new special.

For your drinking pleasure, Applebee's proudly presents the $2 ABSOLUT Rainbow Punch. Personally, I've never heard of it. What goes in an ABSOLUT Rainbow Punch, besides ABSOLUT? Here's a breakdown of the ingredients.

  • ABSOLUT vodka
  • green apple
  • lemon
  • ginger
  • topped with a candy rainbow

Sounds interesting. It's a little too foo-foo for my tastes, but I'm interested. I'm all about the candy rainbow. Do you remember the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin? Do you remember how excited Navin gets when the butler brings him a drink with the little bamboo umbrella, just like the one Navin had seen in the magazine? I'm going to get that excited when they bring me this drink with the candy rainbow.

Like past months, I'll probably never get around to trying one. This isn't an advertisement, and I'm not affiliated with the restaurant. More than anything, I like to spread the word about an affordable drink special people can enjoy. Last time I checked, ABSOLUT isn't exactly cheap. This drink seems like a good deal at $2.

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