Matt Spinelli recently started fostering a dog from a Grand Junction shelter. Here's what it's been like fostering Thin Mint the 14-pound shelter dog.

Matt Spinelli moved from Pennsylvania to Grand Junction in 2011 to become a park ranger. He currently has a dog, a four-year-old black lab mix named Annie, and a 7-year-old tuxedo cat named Rue.

He found Rue wandering around in a neighborhood and when he couldn't find her owner, he decided to let her stay and now she runs his house. Annie is a rescue dog, who was a stray that was found on the Mesa. She reminded Matt of his old dog and he's now he's had her for the past three years.

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Matt told us that he's been reading a lot about how shelters need foster homes right now with the influx of animals due to the coronavirus, so he decided to submit an application online to Roice-Hurst. Then someone contacted him and told him he thought he would be a good fit for Thin Mint, a four-year-old 14-pound chihuahua mix who's not fixed.

He said if anything, fostering a dog is entertainment for his dog and cat and it also helps Roice-Hurst Humane Society out too. Matt has been fostering Thin Mint for the past couple of days now. Thin Mint is currently Matt's shadow and follows him around everywhere. He's a very happy and upbeat dog, who's a little bit reserved at first.

Matt said within a few minutes of getting to his house, Thin Mint's tail started wagging and started checking his house out. Then Annie showed Thin Mint around and gave the grand tour. Thin Mint is cool with both Matt's dog and his cat.

Thin Mint likes to stand up on his hind legs and puts his front paws on you, letting you know, 'hey, it's time to give him some attention.' Thin Mint has fallen asleep on Matt's chest a few times already. Matt says he warmed up to a stranger (Matt's dad) pretty fast, he's polite, he's housebroken, he sleeps through the night with no accidents, and he's figured out the dog door already, so Thin Mint is pretty smart.

Matt says he's a charming little guy with a whole lot of personality and love to give. Thin Mint is a real snuggler and while we were on the phone, he was sleeping on Matt's recliner. You can find out more information about Thin Mint and joining the foster care program at Roice-Hurst Humane Society here.

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