Are you looking for a new house in the Grand Junction area? Would you like to own a home for less than what it would cost to rent? Check out this little number.

I enjoy sharing info about affordable housing in and around Grand Junction. This is one of the least expensive homes currently on the market. At less than $750 a month to own, it's one of the better deals currently on the market. Come take a brief tour.

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Grand Junction Colorado Real Estate Less Than $200K

You'll find this house in the vicinity of 30 Road and D Road, just a little north of the Colorado River. According to, the house was built in 1983.

At this moment there are a few houses in the Grand Junction area listed at a price lower than this one. There's a reason why I'm not posting about them. At a glance, they don't appear to be anything I want to spread the word about.

This house at 2991 Piano Lane, however, has tremendous potential. Plenty of garage space, newly remodeled interior, and some nice perks.

Specs On the House

This would make for an excellent family home. Specifications include:

  • 3 bedroom
  • 2 bath
  • 1,104 square feet
  • Woodburning stove
  • Laundry room
  • Patio covered
  • Shed
  • 3 garage spaces

On The More Affordable Side for Grand Junction

As of today, October 7, this house has been on the market for 71 days. The current asking price is $190,000.00. With a typical 30-year mortgage, you would be looking at a monthly payment of $745. While that still sounds like a lot, it's been a long time since you could rent a house for that little in Grand Junction. Imagine owning a house for less than $750.

Take a Tour

Here's a quick trip through this house at 2991 Piano Lane. Personally, I can see where a ton of work has been done, including windows and flooring. For the record, as I indicate in all of my real estate posts, I have no interest in this house and have nothing to do with its sale. I'm not a realtor, and am not affiliated with the listing realtor or the owners of the property. Like anyone else, I'm always on the lookout for affordable housing in this town.

Take a Tour of 2991 Piano Ln, Grand Junction, CO 81504

This house is currently on the market in Grand Junction. Imagine owning a home for less than $750 a month. Take a quick tour of this newly refurbished home.

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