This past weekend was very busy for homeowners across the Western Slope as I swear everyone was working on projects. Whether it was spring cleaning or making some adjustments to your house if you saw even the parking lot of any hardware store you knew it was very busy inside. That’s why when I saw this unexpected story on the NextDoor app I wanted to make sure to share it with you as it truly will make you feel better about our community.

One visitor to the Home Depot store in Grand Junction was a resident by the name of Mark Armstrong, he was busy working on Sunday and didn’t realize it at the time but somehow lost his wallet while within the store. He had his identification, credit and bank cards, even cash in his wallet when it went missing.

Mark Returned to Home Depot Just to See if Anyone Turned in His Missing Wallet

While Mark didn’t expect to get his wallet back he did retrace his steps and stop by the Home Depot customer service desk to see if a wallet was turned in. Sure enough, the wallet was there plus all items including the cash that was already expected to be gone.

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What Mark is Most Thankful for After Getting His Wallet Back from the Grand Junction Home Depot Store

Mostly he is just excited about not having to get new cards, cash, and a driver’s license. And to whoever found the wallet on Sunday morning, thank you for being a good person and returning the wallet with everything still inside.

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