Take a trip back in time to Grand Junction before costume shops and box stores. What did people do to decorate and dress up for Halloween? Here are a few Robert Grant photos of Grand Junction Halloween seasons from the late 60s and early 70s.

Hey, isn't that the Unknown Comic? In this case, no. It's a ghost, and a mouse, and a princess, at the Mesa County Library Halloween event.  The mouse at right is my brother. He looks to be about five-years-old or so, making this photo 1972.

The pumpkin heads went all out. Unfortunately, my grandpa, Robert Grant, rarely wrote anything down on his photos. I regret having to say I don't have a clue who they are.

The lounging Jack-O-Lantern makes for a nice lawn ornament. Somebody went the extra mile with this one. In this age of super-mega box stores, it's easy to go down and buy a decoration. This handcrafted item, though, really is something special.

The last photo is my brother again. He appears to be about three or four in the photo, dating it somewhere in '70 or '71. That Halloween he went as a bunny. Looking back, it seems I had similar costumes when I was four and five years old, in '74 and '75. Wonder why that was. Hey, wait a minute.

Per my estimates, it seems Halloween costumes and decorations took a little more work back in the early 1970's. Then again, most things did back then.

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