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There's an item missing from this Grand Junction grocery store aisle. There's an item missing from the next aisle over, too. Any guesses what they might be?

Let me say in advance I only go to the grocery store about once a week. With that in mind, these items may have been missing for some time.

Did someone walk off with the Pop Tart Family Pack? Not quite. Look a little lower. It's not a matter of what you see, but rather what you don't see.

If you look at the ground, you'll notice the "One Way" marker is gone. The same is true for the aisle to the right. The "One Way" markers that appeared a little over a year ago have begun to disappear.

This photo is from the City Market in Orchard Mesa. Some, but not all, of the markers are gone.

Grocery store one way aisle
Waylon Jordan

You may recall these first appeared back in April 2020. If you were like me, you didn't see them right away. It was only at the end of my grocery visit I became aware I'd been moving against the flow of traffic the entire time.

There was, of course, the failure to observe the "One Way" direction sign which resulted in a verbal brawl at the North Avenue Walmart. Following a minor collision between shopping carts, a few F-bombs were dropped, followed by the exclamation, "Go polish the wheels on your house." It appears these traffic directions are not to be taken lightly.

Then, in July of last year, when most of us were really starting to get the hang of it, the signs mysteriously disappeared from this store. Then in August, they amazingly reappeared!

My question: Would it be so bad if these signs were to stick around after the social distancing orders are lifted? If you stop and think about it, running the aisles one way isn't a bad idea. When you take into account those shoppers who feel the need to bring four generations of their family every time they go to the grocery store, traffic control is something of a must.

It's unclear at this time if the signs are being phased out, or if their departure is only temporary. I can only assume the little stickers have to be replaced from time to time.

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