You have new neighbors here in Western Colorado. This family of miniature gnomes has settled down at their new home in Grand Junction. They just moved to town last week, setting up shop in a hollowed out tree. Where can you find them?

They seem friendly... they have the "welcome" sign out, literally, and a friendly wave for everyone who passes by. In addition to the welcome sign and their picnic table, their new home also includes an impressive collection of seashells.

Waylon Jordan

Someone placed these figurines in a VERY public place a little over a week ago. Since then, they've magically gone undisturbed. Chances are you've walked right be them already. Unfortunately, unless you have a sharp eye, or happened to be looking for them, they probably went unnoticed.

Where exactly can you find them? For the sake of being a pain, I'm not going to tell you. Here are a few hints:

  • They are in a public place, in Grand Junction, but not in a business area
  • They are located only inches away from the edge of a public walkway
  • You'll find them West of 1st Street, but East of the Mesa Mall
  • Okay, I'll come right out and say it... they are on a public trail system within city limits

Be neighborly and welcome these fine folks to the valley. Hopefully, they won't get chased off (or stolen) before you have a chance to find them.