On the surface, a four-day workweek may sound like a marvelous idea - but is it?

It's a complicated subject that can't nearly be settled in a few brief paragraphs, but it makes for an interesting discussion. Recently, we asked our listeners in the Grand Valley to weigh in on the matter and give us their thoughts. Some of those responses are listed below.

What Does A Four-Day Workweek Mean?

In some cases, a four-day workweek means working 10 hours a day for four days - so you are still working 40 hours during the week - but then getting three days off. Earlier this year, according to SMRH, Spain began testing a four-day 32-hour workweek. Can you imagine working just 32 hours a week -but getting paid for 40?

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Is Less Better?

In theory, shorter work weeks would make employees more productive by improving their mental health and putting less physical stress on their bodies. But, how would a company's revenue outlook be impacted? Would the increase in revenue from more efficient employees be offset by the need to hire and train additional workers? Are there other logistical problems companies would face in order to compensate for the change in the work schedule?

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Obviously, one size doesn't fit all. The four-day workweek model would suit some businesses extremely well, while for others it just wouldn't make sense. Big businesses like Walmart are always going to be open for business 7-days a week. But, could small businesses like plumbers, electricians, or downtown Grand Junction merchants survive on four days of business? Probably not. As I said, it's a complicated issue.

What Grand Junction Thinks About 4-Day Work Week

We wanted to know what Grand Junction thought about the idea of a four-day workweek and recently posted the question on social media. Here are some of the responses we received.

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