National "Eat What You Want Day" is coming up this Tuesday, May 11. When Tuesday rolls around, where do you plan to celebrate and "eat what you want"?

Seriously, this is a recognized event. According to the website Holiday Insights, "Eat What You Want Day" is always celebrated on May 11.

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The Point of the Holiday

Holiday Insights states, "It is one single, solitary day in the year to go off your diet and eat something you really enjoy, Today, you can set aside your dietary 'No-No' list."

Please note: the fact that you can eat anything you want does not nullify any food allergies you may have. If you react badly to peanuts or other food items, obviously, those restrictions still apply. No holiday in the world is going to get you past that.

Go The Distance

Just how far can you go with this? We already live in a world of drive-thru windows and all-you-can-eat buffets. Does this holiday really change anything? Well, for those who conform to strict diets it might. It's called a "cheat day." Fitness competitors and bodybuilders look forward to these.

For those of us not on a strict diet, perhaps this day is simply an occasion where we can get a little more crazy than normal. Instead of hitting the salad bar at the buffet, perhaps another trip to the dessert bar is in order.

Does eating anything you want sound appealing? At first it does. Then again, take a look at the photo at top. Kind of makes you want to yak, doesn't it?

Music to the Ears of Some

A jock here at the station recently wrapped up a 75-day diet and fitness challenge. I can hear him in his office right next door talking about how much he is enjoying his first cup of coffee in 75 days. You know he's going to make the most of this holiday.

Past Winners

Back in 2018 we did this same survey. Since then, several new venues have opened in the valley. Here's a look at your picks for the best place to "Eat What You Want" from the year 2018.

Eat What You Want Day Results 2018
Waylon Jordan

Your Pick for the Best Place to Celebrate

When an opportunity like this presents itself, what local eatery makes your mouth water? If calories, health factors, and diets are eliminated from the equation, where would you like to go? The holiday is coming up this Tuesday, so help us out. Where's the best place in the Grand Valley to celebrate? If you don't see your selection, write it in and it will be added.

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