The Fourth of July has come and gone, but the debate rages on.

The City of Grand Junction has been doing July 4th Fireworks at Suplizio Field longer than the 18 years I've been in Grand Junction. It used to be the city would have a big shindig at the stadium with some live music, prizes, games, and then the big fireworks display. Then came the GJ Rockies, and the fireworks have been connected to the July 4th baseball game ever since.

The Great Debate

There has been quite a bit of debate this year about fireworks in light of the fire restrictions we have due to the extremely dry conditions in western Colorado. Of course, fire restrictions have become the norm here in the Grand Valley so that's nothing new. There has also been some discussion about the noise factor around Lincoln Park on fireworks night.

The City of Grand Junction Responds

The City of Grand Junction has been sensitive to the concerns expressed by residents who live near the stadium and have taken some steps to minimize the intrusion such as limiting the number of fireworks nights during the summer, getting games to start earlier on fireworks nights, and even downsizing the fireworks a bit so they won't be so loud so as to create less grief for pets and neighbors.

I did not attend this year's fireworks display, but I've been told the show was spectacular. The only problem was the fact the GJ Rockies game lasted well over 4 hours and the fireworks display didn't get started until about 10:45pm. The delayed start definitely made it a late night for those who attended the show, as well as those in the neighborhood who didn't.

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Here's Your Chance to Speak Out

Now that this year's fireworks display is history, the City of Grand Junction is looking for public feedback concerning future fireworks shows. They have put out a survey residents can take to express their feelings about fireworks. The survey will be active until July 26th, but a community meeting is being held Tuesday, July 20 at the Lincoln Park Barn beginning at 5:30pm. The city hopes to get some additional feedback from the community as well as answer questions.

Several people commented on the fireworks issue on the City of Grand Junction's Facebook page, and here's what some of them had to say.

What Grand Junction Is Saying About July 4th City Fireworks

It shouldn't be surprising that in the day and age we live we are divided on the issue of city fireworks in Grand Junction. Maybe today's arguments are the same as we had 20 years ago - or maybe they aren't. Either way, people have pretty strong feelings about it and are speaking up in a survey from the City of Grand Junction. Here's a look at what some people are saying.

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