Can you think of a breakfast cereal that you have just always enjoyed since the first time you tried it? For some, variety is the spice of life and for others, they always have to have a box of a certain kind of cereal available in the pantry at all times.

Some cereals get phased out over the years, while others just become seasonal cereals. I can remember when Count Chocula cereal first came out you could get it year-round. Boo Berry and Frankenberry too! Now it's just a Halloween breakfast in most places.

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Grand Junction's Favorite Breakfast Cereals

Can you think of a cereal that is your number 1 go-to breakfast? I can't pick just one. Instead, I can think of about 50 kinds of cereal I could go with. Scroll through some of our favorite cereals below and be sure to add your favorite to the list so we can really try to see which kind is number one.

Let's get started!

What is the Most Popular Breakfast Cereal in Grand Junction?

We asked you which breakfast cereal is your favorite or one you never get tired of eating?

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