There are 49 days left until Christmas. We just wrapped up Halloween last week, Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks, so we wanted to know if you thought it was too early for Christmas.

We asked you on our Facebook 'is it too early to put up Christmas decorations?' and for the most part, Grand Junction feels like it's not. Grand Junction doesn't think it's too early for Christmas and here's why.

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Here are some of the comments we received on our Facebook regarding Christmas decorations.

Melanie Scott

Melanie Scott on our Facebook definitely doesn't think it's too early for Christmas. In response to 'is it too early for Christmas decorations?' Melanie commented 'no way...bring on the festivities.'

Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter says she just went to Hobby Lobby and was stoked that all things Christmas were 50% off. Julie says she's ready for Christmas, but she'll wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate.

Stacy Moffat Arndt

Stacy Moffat Arndt agrees that it's not too early for Christmas decorations. She says it's not too early for Christmas because we need a little extra Christmas this year.

Misty White

All Misty White had to say when it comes to Christmas decorations was 'do it!' with a Christmas tree emoji. The number one thing we're looking forward to when it comes to Christmas decorations is putting up a real, amazing smelling Christmas tree.

Bridgette Aden

Bridgette Aden is in full-on Christmas mode and her house proves it. She commented on our Facebook that she's already got her Christmas decorations up and here's what they look like:

Grand Junction Doesn't Think It's Too Early For Christmas
Bridgette Aden via Mix 104.3's Facebook

From the tree in the center of the windows to the stars hanging up, to the deer and lights in the front, we think Bridgette nailed her Christmas decorations. If you have your Christmas decorations up, send us a picture of them on our app.

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