It's never a good thing when something we love all of the sudden isn't around anymore. Sadly, this happens all too often as things go out of style, tastes change, or sometimes companies simply go out of business. Either way, we all have things that we once enjoyed that are no longer available after being discontinued.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking you what discontinued item you miss the most and got all kinds of answers.

Discontinued Products Grand Junction Misses

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Many of the responses to my question were exactly what I asked about; discontinued items that are no longer available that you miss. Some of these items mentioned were food-related things like Danish Wedding Cookies, Nalley's Dill Pickle Dip, Surge soft drinks, the ridiculously sour candies known as Numb Drops, and a specific IPA from Oskar Blues.

In addition, there were three, count them three, menu items from Taco Bell that have been discontinued that you miss. These include the Grilled Stuft Burrito, Meximelts, and the newly-un-discontinued Mexican Pizza, though it was also noted that although it's technically been brought back, the Mexican Pizza is still difficult to get a hold of. Perhaps Taco Bell should take note.

In addition, some of the things mentioned were non-food items such as lawn darts, VCRs, typewriters, music videos, and a specific model of guitar, Epiphone's Les Paul Nightfall.

Finally, some of the responses weren't products at all but rather just other things we miss such as cheap gas, good work ethic, getting overtime, and being youthful.

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