Things are still extremely "iffy" when it comes to traveling through Glenwood Canyon. Unfortunately, travel is equally questionable when it comes to traveling highway 50 due to construction. What does one do if they need to get from Grand Junction to Denver?

My next adventure has me on course for Redrocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. Visiting Redrocks is always a treat (with the exception of that Heart concert a few years ago). Problem: How do you get there?

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A Couple of Challenges

Almost everyone in Western Colorado is on a "Glenwood Canyon Watch." We never know from one moment to the next if and when I-70 will be open through the canyon.

On the flip side of the coin, a popular route to Colorado Springs/Denver/Redrocks would be traveling Highway 50 through Montrose to Cimarron, Salida, and then the Springs. This well-known path, and by far my favorite of the two, presents challenges of its own. Construction is underway near Cimarron, causing the road to be closed the majority of the time.

Option #3

There exists another option for this trip, and it's not bad. Depending on your time of travel, it might even be to your benefit, even under normal circumstances to use it.

Have you ever made the trip from Grand Junction to Denver by traveling through Steamboat Springs?

How Long Does That Take?

To drive Grand Junction to Rifle, up to Craig, over to Steamboat, and then back down to I-70 at Silverthorne and then to Denver comes in at 337 miles and a drive of five hours and 54 minutes.

Grand Junction to Steamboat to Denver Map
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Growing up in Colorado, back before things got crowded, we could make G.J. to Denver in four hours, maybe a little less if you put a little pep in your step. In recent years I've had it take seven hours for the trek.

Traveling the route of G.J. to Montrose and then Highway 50 to Colorado Springs typically takes me about five and a half hours. Add an additional 40 minutes or so to get from Colorado Springs to Denver.

Safe Travels

This is an interesting time for those of us living in Western Colorado. Do you remember the days when you would just hop in your car and take a trip over the mountain?

This alternate route tacks on about 110 miles or so, but it does make for a viable option. Personally, I haven't been to Steamboat Springs in at least 15 years. It will be nice to see that part of the state again when I make this trip.

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