If you love variety, chances are you'll enjoy visiting one of Grand Junction's buffet style restaurants. There are a handful of buffets in the valley. We asked you to vote for the best.

A few Sunday's ago I was planning to visit the buffet at Colorado Mesa University. It's really one of the best restaurants in the valley, in my opinion at least. Unfortunately, it was too early in the morning, and that restaurant hadn't opened yet.

A quick change of plans and I'm at Mary's Restaurant on Orchard Mesa. Okay, Mary's is really a breakfast/lunch restaurant, but they do offer a weekend buffet. It's a little different than most. The buffet included both link and patty sausage, bacon, various fruits, biscuits and gravy, assorted vegetables and salsas, yogurt, and a few other odds and ends. When it came to items like eggs, omelettes, pancakes or french toast, they were included with the buffet, but those items you ordered from your server.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm attempting to be more health conscious. I like the idea of fruits and vegetables. Buffets solve that issue very easily.

This got me thinking... where's the best buffet in Grand Junction? Seriously, where can you get the most bang for the buck? Yes, I could have sampled them all. Then again, I'm cheap. Rather than running all over town, I felt it best to simply ask you. Here are the results:


There you have it. Finishing in first place with 40.74% of the vote, Grand Junction's very own Golden Corral. The weekend buffet at Mary's Restaurant came in 2nd with 22.22% of the vote.

I checked the 2018 Best of the West results. Unfortunately, it seems they didn't have a specific category for buffets. Oh, well.

There you go, Grand Junction. According to you, Gold Corral is the place to be. Thanks for the heads up.

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