The City of Grand Junction is searching for volunteers for three more Community Board positions. This is your chance to get involved and "help shape the future of our community" by volunteering with one of these open boards.

We published a post about a few weeks ago regarding the City of GJ's search for volunteers to fill four vacant positions. Here it is a few weeks later, and a number of new opportunities have become available. Have you ever given this possibility any thought?

According to, "Citizen participation at all levels of the governmental process is valued and encouraged." One effective way to get involved is through service on a volunteer board.

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How many volunteer boards are there in Grand Junction? states the City of Grand Junction has 18 boards, committees, commissions, and authorities on which over 100 citizens serve.

What are some examples of volunteer boards in Grand Junction?

These boards come in every size, shape, and color of the rainbow. Some examples would include:

  • Commission on Arts & Culture
  • Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority
  • Historic Preservation Board
  • Urban Trails Committee
  • Downtown Development Authority

Which volunteer positions are available right now (March 16, 20201)?

The three positions currently needing filling are:

  • Historic Preservation Board
  • Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
  • Zoning Board of Appeals/Planning Commissioner 2nd Alternative

How does one apply?

If interested, you can apply by completing the online Volunteer Board Application. Looking at the application, it's not too bad. Questions related to your personal interest and availability. You'll also be asked to submit a cover letter and, if you choose, a resume.

Why should you give up your valuable time to volunteer?

This is an opportunity to get involved. These three new positions look interesting. I'm thinking about applying for the Historic Preservation Board. My family has lived in the Grand Junction area for generations. Maybe I can be of service. How about you? It goes without saying you have something to offer. Why not?

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