We all have our favorite go-to comfort foods. It can be pretty insightful stuff to find out what people turn to during all those times in our lives when a favorite snack just makes the world a little better.

I've found this list will definitely change over the years. What was once comfort food in college might disgust you later in life. Things you thought you would never eat as a kid suddenly become something you develop a taste for when you get older.

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Is Your Favorite Colorado Comfort Food Home Made?

Is your comfort food something you have to order or take out? Is it something you have to make at home?

Tell Us Your Favorite Colorado Comfort Food

You can add your favorite comfort/guilty pleasure food to the list by adding a comment to the original post here or hitting us up on our station app by touching the chat button to start up the app chat.

Grand Junction Colorado's Top 20 Comfort Foods According to You

Comfort food is all about whatever makes ya feel good. Sometimes it's something simple like popcorn, and sometimes it's tuna fish and grape jelly sandwiches.

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