Lookout Las Vegas, we're going to give you a run for your money. Have you seen Grand Junction, Colorado's new welcome sign on Highway 50?

This amazing sign just kind of appeared out of nowhere. It's up and running, and it's fantastic. People rolling into town are going to know right away just how awesome we are in Grand Junction.

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New Grand Junction Colorado Sign

A little while ago there was nothing there. Then, one day, motorists heading west on Highway 50 into Grand Junction spotted a sign reading "Junction." With time, more and more characters were added.

Fast forward to October 15, 2023, and motorists approaching Grand Junction are being greeted with this:

Grand Junction Colorado Sign on Highway 50 (4)
Waylon Jordan

Came Out Of Nowhere

If you're like me, you occasionally find yourself driving through town, only to spot a new building, business, or sign you've never seen before in your life. After a quick double-take, you find yourself saying "Where the H*** did that come from?"

This new sign on Highway 50 didn't go up overnight. It started simple, and with each passing week, more and more characters were added. As it stands now, it's abundantly clear to anyone and everyone they are entering the city of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Much Nicer Than The Old Stuff

In the past, the best you could hope for was a green sign with white lettering reading "Welcome to Grand Junction." Given the motif, the sign pretty much blended in with every other sign along the highway reading "Exit Ahead" or "Don't Litter."

Where To Find It

You'll find the new sign on Highway 50 and 30 Road. If you're heading west into Grand Junction, it's on the northeast corner. If you want to be a geek like me and get photos, there's a place to pull over on 30 Road, just north of the sign.

Grand Junction Colorado Sign on Highway 50 (2)
Google Maps/ Canva / Waylon Jordan

This is more than a sign, it's a piece of art. It looks fantastic. The next time your adventures take you towards Delta or Montrose, take a look at the north side of Highway 50 at 30 Road.

Grand Junction Colorado Sign on Highway 50 (1)
Waylon Jordan

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