Judging by the looks of things, Grand Junction, Colorado has chosen to embrace technology to the same degree as the Amish.

I asked on Facebook, "What is your favorite piece of technology that you own?" It might have been better to ask "What's your least favorite piece of technology?" Here's what you had to say.

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Embracing Technology In Western Colorado

This was a very open-ended question. The expectation was people would respond with how much they loved their phone, iPad, digital camera, laptop, Fitbit, etc.

Interestingly, most replies expressed at least some degree of contempt for technology. I tried to initiate the conversation with an example of my own, namely my solid-wood furniture. My bedroom dresser has a mirror that tilts and drawers that slide out. That's about as high-tech as I get. Much to my surprise, many Colorado residents had similar feelings.

Notable Exceptions

One response mentioned GPS. I stand corrected. When traveling in the Honday SUV with three furballs in the dead of night, trying to get from Grand Junction to Coos Bay, Oregon, a GPS sure comes in handy. There's a whole ton of nuthin' between Wendover, Nevada, and Coos Bay.

More excellent examples would include home security systems and cameras. How about Kindles? Kenneth replied, "My Kindle book. I read at least five books a week." First of all, right on Kenneth. That's awesome. Secondly, as much as I enjoy a good ol' fashioned book, the Kindle has certainly caught my attention.

Making Life Easier

Many replies reflect items capable of making life simpler and more comfortable. Examples include central air-conditioning and the mechanical pencil. Others suggest necessities such as hearing aides.

Grand Junction Colorado Favorite Pieces of Technology

I asked on Facebook, "What is the favorite piece of technology that you own?" Here's what you had to say:

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