The cost of living is getting higher in Grand Junction, Colorado. Things are getting so bad we may soon tell our pets to go get a real job.

I asked on Facebook, "What job would your pet have if it was human?" Your answers were awesome, to say the least.

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Putting the Pets to Work in Grand Junction, Colorado

I told my dogs that I work at a doggie biscuit factory. This gets me off the hook, at least a little bit, each morning as I leave for the radio station. Convincing them I'm leaving to go make dog treats buys me a little forgiveness for being gone for the next ten hours.

What if the pets had to go to work? What would they do? You've probably known dogs and cats who were given assigned duties. There are service animals, sheepherders, K-9 officers, even cats employed as professional "mousers." What if they had to step out of typical roles and pursue "human" employment?

A Few Unexpected Answers

I was counting on people to reply with "professional food taster" and "bed comfort analyzer." At the same time, though, "unemployment" and "welfare" came as a bit of a shock.

Creatures of Habit

One of my dogs should get a gig as "Town Crier." This guy goes out each night and barks at precisely 9 p.m. Let me amplify - he goes out at 9 p.m. on the nose, not 8:59 and not 9:01... 9 o'clock sharp. How does he do this? There are no clocks set to chime at 9 p.m. There's nothing in my home to indicate that it's 9 o'clock. Yet, somehow, he can nail in on the head at precisely 9 every night.

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I asked on Facebook, "What job would your pet have if it was human?" Here's what you had to say.

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