Would you like to have the Creature From The Black Lagoon as a house pet? Who wouldn't? People in Grand Junction, Colorado would love to domesticate these popular movie creatures.

I asked on Facebook, "What fictional movie creature would you want as a pet?" Here's what you had to say.

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Cute &  Cuddly VS. Not So Much

When looking back at the last century or so, you'll find a wide spectrum of movie "creatures." Some are cute and fuzzy like that little Gizmo guy from Gremlins, and some are very much the opposite. It seems some in Grand Junction would love to have that 7'2" tall Predator thing from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie as a pet.

Grand Junction Loves Dragons

One of the most popular replies was Falkor, the Luck Dragon from The Never Ending Story. You'll notice in the gallery below a number of different spellings for Falkor. As it turns out, all of them, Falkor, Falcor, or Falcore, are correct. It's simply a matter of where in the world you happen to be standing.

Why Falkor? It seems he's a very special creature. The website Fandom states, "Falkor is very wise, incredibly positive, dignified and a very sociable sophisticated being from Fantasia. He gives advice to people when they have lost hope in many things they set out to do whether in a quest for what they seek or in some cases people and beings have given up altogether and lost faith."

A handful of popular movie dragons made the list as well. Most are nowhere near as cuddly as Falkor.

Other Popular Answers

The website Quora asked the same question. They received equally interesting replies including:

  • Mothra
  • Ghidorah
  • Dragons from How To Tame Your Dragon
  • The Neverbeast
  • Church (the cat) from Pet Sematary
  • Zoltan, Hound of Dracula
  • Fell-Beast from Lord of the Rings
  • The Thing
  • Cerberus
  • Kothoga, The Relic

Just in time for Halloween, these are your picks for the movie creatures we in Grand Junction would like to have for house pets.

Grand Junction Wants These Fictional Movie Creatures For Pets

Have you ever wanted a pet dragon? How about Elliot from Pete's Dragon, or perhaps one of the dragons from The Hobbit? While we're at it, how about that cute little Gizmo creatrure from Gremlins? I asked on Facebook, "What fictional movie creature would you want as a pet?"

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