Couples in Grand Junction, Colorado really know how to make a relationship last. It's amazing how many marriages have lasted 20, 30, and in some cases, 60 years and more.

I posted on Facebook, "Today would have been my parents' 59th wedding anniversary. How long have you been in your current relationship?" Check out the awesome replies.

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Grand Junction, Colorado Knows How To Stay Together

Check out the gallery below. The replies will absolutely blow your mind. Chad and his wife have been together for 30 years. Kim has been married for 47 "wonderful" years. Get a load of Dean. He's been married for 67 years.

What Prompted This?

Yesterday, September 14, marked what would have been my parents' 59th anniversary. They died three years ago, shortly before their 56th anniversary. September 14 also marks my brother's anniversary, although I forget how many years he's been married.

To top it off, a coworker (if you want to call what we do work) here at the studio is getting married on Monday. He and his fiance are both 36, and have never been married before. When I stop and think about it, my mom married my dad a few days after her 18th birthday. So, with that, by the time my mom turned 36, she had already been married for half of her life.

Secrets To a Long Marriage

The website (seriously, there's a webpage called shares "8 Secrets of Long-Lasting Marriages." Their eight helpful tips include:

  • Understand compromise
  • Show emotion and be vulnerable
  • Trust fully in your spouse
  • Show physical affection - be intimate!
  • Respect one another
  • Appreciate each and every moment of your time spent together
  • Be best friends
  • Make your marriage a priority in life

I Think I Just Figured It Out

I just realized why at 52 I've never been married - I don't know how to compromise, and I don't trust anyone but me.

Something That Makes Perfect Sense

Here are a few interesting thoughts from a different article from They have to do with "Acceptance." Check this out:

People in happy marriages accept their own faults as well as those of their partner. They know that no one is perfect, so they take their partner for who they are.

That is good information. If you like that, check out this profound statement:

The key to accepting your partner for who he or she is, is to accept yourself for who you are.

Looking back on the countless self-help and relationship books I've read, I can't help but think these two statements nail it right on the head.

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Couples in Grand Junction really know how to make a relationship last. I posted on social media, "Today would have been my parents' 59 wedding anniversary. How long have you been in your current relationship?" Here's what you had to say:

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