We just celebrated National Cereal Day in Colorado and after seeing all the reminders about great throwback cereals, it's going to be even harder to make it down the cereal aisle at the store this weekend. I already have a hard enough time picking just one cereal.

Is there even time for breakfast at your house these days? Remember back to your childhood and see if you can come up with what was your favorite cereal back in the day. Help us try to figure out which one was Grand Junction's favorite.

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Walking Down the Cereal Aisle Is Still the Hardest Part of Grocery Shopping

With so many choices, how are we supposed to pick just one? I love the memory of my Grandpa Adams saying it was ok to mix a bowl of more than one kind of cereal if the mood struck ya. Sometimes we would even eat cereal in the afternoon together. He always thanked me for turning him on to Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

Which Breakfast Cereal is Most Popular in Colorado?

According to Zippia.com each state has its own favorite breakfast cereal. Can you guess what they say Colorado's favorite cereal is? According to the last time they did this survey at the end of 2021 Colorado's favorite cereal was Froot Loops. What? Yup, Froot Loops. Hmm.

In case you are curious, New Mexico's favorite cereal is also Froot Loops. In fact, Zippia awarded Froot Loops to 8 different states as their favorite cereal. Maybe this just tells us more about Zippia than any of the states?

Grand Junction Colorado's Favorite Cereal We Ate As Kids

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Find out which cereals Grand Junction loved as kids and ones we still love to eat to this day. We've included the link back to the original question in the photo gallery below so you can add your answer to the list. You can also hit us up on our free station app using our app chat feature. We would love to add your answer.

Grand Junction Colorado Shares Our Favorite Cereal to Eat as a Kid

What was your favorite cereal to eat as a kid? Is it still your favorite today? I asked you which cereal was your favorite to eat as a kid. Here are Grand Junction's top answers. 

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