Is the universe sending you signals indicating it's time to change jobs? If so, these are the occupations we in Grand Junction would consider to be our "dream jobs."

I asked on Facebook, "If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be?" You came up with a number of fascinating, and surprisingly practical suggestions.

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Awesome Answers Out of Grand Junction, Colorado

Let me start by saying I'm a bit embarrassed. When I asked myself this question, I responded with "Space Commander." This wouldn't be odd if it weren't for the fact I'm 52 years old and devote most of my mental energy to solving my receding hairline and chronic sinus issues.

You, on the other hand, replied with practical, and in most cases, highly admirable career choices.  For example, one awesome listener by the name of Bobbie G replied, "Owning my own business and working with unwanted animals and Homeless people together." Okay, so Bobbie G is a profoundly better person than I am.

How To Know It's Time To Change Jobs

Forbes put together a list of "12 Clear-Cut Signs It's Time For You To Change Jobs." This is Forbes we're talking about, so it's fairly safe to say they know what they're talking about.

Forbes begins by asking this valid question:

When Sunday evening rolls around, how are you feeling about work the next day? Are you indifferent, or does the idea of sitting down in that office fill you with feelings of stress or dread? When is the last time you felt valued for what you contribute? Do you find yourself complaining regularly to co-workers or friends about job frustrations?

12 Questions To Ask Yourself

Members of the Forbes Coaches Council suggest you ponder these points:

  • Are you learning, adding value and having fun?
  • You don't feel valued
  • Look at your ROI
  • Negative feelings are becoming more common
  • You find yourself asking 'Is this all there is?'
  • Your health is suffering
  • It feels like 'work'
  • Advancement doesn't seem likely
  • You feel like you're wasting your time
  • You're more often unhappy than satisfied
  • You have a toxic boss or environment

Now What Do We Do?

You may be saying, "Hey, it's time for a change." Now what? Check out the gallery below and you'll get an idea of what we consider to be our "dream jobs."

Grand Junction's Dream Jobs

Is it time for a career change? I asked on Facebook, "If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be?" Here's what you had to say:

Grand Junction Workers Having a Rough Day on the Job

Jobs We're Not Good at In Grand Junction

Last Monday I felt the need for a little motivation. So, for Motivation Monday, I asked on Facebook, "What job would you be terrible at?" Here's what you had to say.

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