It just became abundantly clear that coffee lovers in Grand Junction, Colorado take the subject very seriously. I asked, "How do you like your coffee?" Here's what you had to say.

You may be surprised just how precise some can be when it comes to the ratio of cream to coffee. When you start adding foo-foo like vanilla creamer, caramel macchiato creamer, etc., things start getting really wonky.

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How Does Grand Junction Colorado Like Our Coffee?

As near as I can tell, we like it any way we can get it. Many responded with quick and to-the-point responses such as "hot" or "in my belly." Those work just fine for me.

Others, Eric W. for example, have it down to a science. Eric has computed the precise formula for the perfect cup of coffee: .750 fl oz of creamer, no sugar.

Have you ever measured a precise amount of creamer for your coffee? I haven't. I pour in the Half-and-Half, usually without paying any attention at all to what I'm doing and then add coffee. More often than not, the ratio of cream to coffee is about 1:1.

Do You Remember Grand Junction Colorado "Coffee Shops"?

If you go back in time about 50 years or so, there was a time when Grand Junction had what we called "coffee shops." One example that comes to mind would be The Oasis on the northwest corner of 4th and North Avenue.

This was well before the age of "gourmet" coffee businesses like Starbucks or The Human Bean. You would go to the Oasis, which technically was a restaurant, and you would sit in a booth and order coffee. You would then sit there and drink coffee for about two hours. Every 15 minutes or so a waitress would come by and refill your cup. You either drank it black, with cream, with sugar or if you prefer, what we used to call "Kiddie Coffee," which was an exorbitant amount of both cream and sugar.

Some Responses May Shock You

Did you know there are people in this world, some right here in Grand Junction, Colorado, who don't like coffee? It's true. Until yesterday I was unaware of this. We breathe the stuff here at the radio station. When asked how they liked their coffee, some replied "none" or "I don't like coffee." Can you believe that?

This is How Grand Junction Colorado Likes Their Coffee

I would never have guessed people could be so specific as to how they like their coffee. Grand Junction takes this topic very seriously. According to you, this is the way you like your coffee.

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